Tuesday, 13 November 2007

13th November, 23:00?

I love this photo, the shadow of the tree is most excellent. Walking back to the hostel, the sun started hiding from the city of New York, as I was wandering along the central park reservoir. The sunset, across the still water, with the New York skyline in the background, was incredibly beautiful.

Then it got dark, and I scampered home.

With lack of planned action once again I decided to consult my guide. Which was a bit useless but it mentioned Amsterdam Avenue. So I thought, "darn it to hell Thomas, away with you." I then proceeded to walk from 106 Street to 70 or something. I spent the next 30 min trying to find a restaurant I felt confident enough to go in. In the end I give up and just went in one.

Jolly nice half pound sirloin burger, suspicious roast potatoes, an amstel light and a Mexican Hot Chocolate. Which was surprisingly spicy. After discovering I lacked the courage to enter a bar yet, I wandered home as I was about to crash.

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Anonymous said...

*pets* Don't worry, eating and going to bars by yourself gradually gets easier. Until some freak comes and sits at your table and destroys your courage with a few mere words and suggestive looks. But, erm, don't let that put you off or anything...