Wednesday, 14 November 2007

14th November, 23:20

Whoa I'm shattered, after meeting Erika and helping some nice students with a psych project, we hit the subway so I could see the real New York (Midtown and Downtown).

And okay, yeah it's better than where I went last night. We walked from time square down all the way through Manhattan. Through union square, Washington square, down broadway, greenw
ich village, chinatown and to the financial district. Soho and Noho were there somewhere but I can't remember at what point. There's so much and so much is extremely tall. Saw ground zero which was quite sobering.

Also remembered that they have Mountain Dew here, so I gorged on that. All the time we compared Ameriland and England. We chilled in Washington Square contemplating Buffy and the lack of religion in the UK. Those topics weren't relat
ed. We then confronted Erika's fear of large expanses of water, which was amazing. The view across the harbour to the statue of liberty, which was lit up in the dark. Bought a Time Out guide to New York as my current guide tastes like briefness.

Ate Mexican in a mall down by the harbour and got a weekly metrocard. I'm starting to see how amazing this city is. Though my feet hate me.

Also American's say Nokia funny.

I might get my art on tomorrow.

My bust headphone is annoying so I'm gonna have to go downtown to find some sexy replacements. I need to blog all my crazy as well at some point - Man I'm tired.

One a random note, my towel has magical properties, it never gets wet, unless heated. Very bizarre. I need to take more photos. Oh and get some postcards

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