Thursday, 22 November 2007

22nd November, 16:06

Currently on the train, it appears to be running on silent. I can only presume to avoid bandits, or some other form of crazed outcasts or misfits. My seat is so large I could store a zoo under it. Extremely spacious and very few people on here. Probably as a 19 hour train train, to chicago, over thanksgivings night is only for people with no friends, family or cyborg pets. Turns out there is a power outlet as well, tho it may not work and I only have my n810 charger. And as there is no wifi I'm not sure how useful it will be.

There's a jolly nice Indian guy from chicago on the other side of the isle, who has crazy fantasies of the lounge carriage being entirely glass. I am suspicious. We're currently following the bank of a river, which in turn is following the railway track. There is a large amount of autumnal magic all around.

Although New York was amazing, I'm happy to be moving on now. I retract my earlier statement that I could live there, I love it, but it's just not England.

Even if we can't play football.

Hit it Norah.

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