Tuesday, 27 November 2007

27th November, 19:47

I decided I should head to the museum of contemporary art as it was free on Tuesdays and shut's at 8pm. You may question why I, again, abused my brain with contemporary art, and with good reason, but it's kind of interesting seeing what these crazy folk came up with.

Therefore, I saw floors made of vinyl records, videos of dead masked spirit girls exploring a western town, many rock inspired art works, and other crazy things I've blocked from my memory. One piece that was amazing was an awesomely paranoid narrative in words and diagrams of a conspiracy theory behind a spaghetti restaurant that never had spaghetti. Very funny. They also had the same damn painting, that is just a big black canvas, that every art gallery in America has because the artist made so many because it's so easy. It's actually split into 9 squares, each a slightly different shade of black, but meh. Anyway, I enjoyed the madness in the end as it was free and Taking Back Sunday kept me sane in there.

I'm now in Seattle's Best coffee, writing this all down before I go up the hancock observatory and see chicago at night. Unfortunately this is in a Borders, so I may get trapped in here a while.....

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