Wednesday, 28 November 2007

28th November, 13:00

Sitting here in the Adler Planetarium I suddenly had the intense urge to drive to Exeter, A303 style. But alas, those days are gone, no matter, I got to drive a mars rover today, or at least a far cheaper copy. After waking up, a bit late, I decided Planetarium then Lincoln Park was the best bet as I probably know enough Science & Industry stuff already. Plus, it's in an area where I might get roughed up for my lack of modesty.

Anyway, Planetarium is excellent, very hands on, quite quiet so I got to be a big kid. Like most days really. I have some crazy show to see now, something like Night Sky Live! which might prove problematic as it's only 1.10pm. I have to work out how long I can spend here before walking to subway and going to Lincoln Park and surrounding area. I wish I could remember when the sun sets.

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