Friday, 30 November 2007

30th November, 16:52

I gravitated myself towards the observation/lounge car with some music and my camera. But it's wet and gloomy now. So photos are a no no.

Lydia and Jayne are here again, Jayne is quieter than Lydia but they both seem to have a tranquil happiness that's calming to be around. I should really be writing postcards but I don't know whethere to rehash stuff on here, or how to approach them. They're currently a mountain I don't have to tackle yet.

My reflection in the window looks humourous. I think I might sleep well tonight, but it's far too early now so I'm not sure what to do. Lady at the end of carriage appears to be trying to sell or trader her daughter to a random guy. In a very odd occurance, I've run out of words that I care to babble.

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