Thursday, 15 November 2007

Some notes on the Met Museum of Art

You may recognise where I am on the left, in hindsight, from the film I am Legend. It's most excellent (the Egyptian place, not the film).

Although a lot of modern art is extremely ridiculous, I enjoyed reading the blurb about each one as they seem to scrabble for a meaning or reason in a large canvas painted half red.

There are some really good paintings, but the ones I enjoy the most involve crispness. Maybe a result of such a large exposure to the digital age. Or maybe cos they must make more sense

Audio tours sound far better in an English Accent, people should make free audio tours for mp3 players so people can download them before they go to such places.

I think a lot of this shows that people who can't draw become art students.

Museums are odd places, the downstairs sections are always thriving with people. In this case mainly looking at greek/roman statues. Yet venture just a floor up, and some parts are empty entirely. Currently in the Japan section, it's selection is vastly more diverse, thought provoking and presented in a far more warming environment. Where as in contrast the Greek/Roman section is cold, and harsh, full of many statues all devoid of paint, looking identical. The detail on some of the Japanese wall paintings is insane.

Whoa, this may seem as though I don't like the met, but it was awesome. I just wish I had more time in there.

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