Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st December, 12:29

Wow, scenary is totally amazing. I have my GPS working now, which is highly handy, for instance I knew the lakes to our right were coming up before they did. We have some guides from a local railroad museum and apparently we're entering the cold water valley. We're doing soem crazy 180 degree turn to get through the valley. There's also a tunnel at some point. Last time we had a long tunnel some fool apparently pulled the stop train cord and then loads of foolish people had panic attacks in the tunnel, including Wade (who is also petrified of flying among other things). I had some coffee.

At this rate I'll need a new SD card, I may try and get on in San Fran. Whoa, an amazing lake view, the afformentioned valley I suspect.

Okay, this is phenominal, I can't describe the view, huge mountains, perfectly still lake. Thousands of straight, giant trees densely populate all the hill sides. It's very hard not to be a slave to my camera.

We're now going through the 2 mile long Tunnel 41, called the big hole. 11600 ft above sea level is our highest point, along the Sierra Nevada, which will occur at end of this here tunnel. And problem just when my mp3 player runs out. On that note I've just realised all of my multitude of gadgets are black. Awesome.

My handwriting has really deteriorated. And my spelling. I should really have brought more dollar with me, as I have about 3 cereal bars left. To make matters worse my GPS reckons we just derailed...

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