Monday, 3 December 2007

3rd December, 18:21

Today has been nice and relaxing, I got up a bit late, (9.30) then spent a while writing up yesterdays adventure. I also got more high energy rolls, an apple, a packet of turkey ham (as I was scared that I had no meant yesterday) and a Dr Pepper. I then wandered down to Macy's to get me an electric razor as I couldn't be arsed to shave off my care bear beard with my quattro. Guy there chatted with me for a while about my oyster card?! and I bought some Philips speed X-L thing, that looked pretty. I went back and spent ages shaving as I fought through my iron hair. I then rang my mummy and we chatted awhile while a man tried to use a pneumatic nail gun on me. I decided, after some Internet usage to head down to Fisherman's Wharf.

The walk took a short while, but it was interesting as it cut through china town and was nice and hilly. When I got down to the wharf I wandered around aimlessly until the fun police came to tell me I was too handsome and not having enough fun. Luckily, I bribed them with $5 for a good cause and got away with my dashing good looks intact. Ahem.

The Musee Mechanique was right next to where I was and with free admission, I strolled in. Muchos fun inside! They had loads of old old arcade machines, so mechanical scenes, firing ranges, fortune tellers, peep shows, mechanical pianos, pinball and some old digital arcade machines, like Mrs Pacman. Each one was only a quarter as well, so I spent $5 in there and had a great time. Except the arm wrestling machine thrashed me. There was even a machine that you seemed to pay to make a fake baby cry. After much time in there I came here, to a random pizza joint run by a Chinese dude. His astonishment at me ordering a medium pizza to myself forced me to prove I was just that awesome and so I ate a 14 inch grease filled pepperoni, salami and sausage pizza. Ow my heart.

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