Friday, 7 December 2007

7th December, 20:12

If I had one tip for a budding traveller, it would be not to get behind on your journal, even by a day.

If I had two tips, the second would be, write a postcard a day to spread the creative flow.

Unfortunately, I have no tips, so we're all pretty screwed.

What have I done today? Mainly what I wanted. I relaxed in the morning, and then sauntered out to some shops in sodden shoes and a slightly pathetic limp. I bought some more socks from old navy, and an awesome hoodie/sweatshirt/jacket. Very indie, a tad emo, and cool. Cheap as well. I then grabbed a Greek style salad in the shopping centre while reading Kerouac. I finished The Dharma Bums, very Buddhist, which although not really my style of thought, I always find very interesting and peacefully crazy.

After this I wandered the shops some more, but was unable to find any shoes I liked. I did see some awesomely cheap surfwear brands in Macy's though, quiksilver and billabong, so I may return there at a later date. I ended back at the hostel, threw on my new top to show off and blogged a bit. On the phone nearby was a girl with the most awesome Irish accent ever, very satisfactory. I then began the epic task of writing postcards. After a while hunger got the better of me and I went across the road to a nice little pasta place. I got some crazy filled pasta device with beef and chicken stuffed in it. Mushrooms and peas as well, twas very nice.

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