Sunday, 9 December 2007

9th December, 13:46

Okay kid's when we're all millionaires we're all buying houses in Sausalito, only about $1.25 million and up, with the exchange rate that's only like 3 grand or something. Disclaimer: exchange rate may be exaggerated for poetic reasons, beverage is extremely hot.

I woke up surprisingly early this morning (7.15) to be greeted by a divinely beautiful day. I said bye to Cheung, who is off to LA today and wandered down to the lobby to write some journal. Bus for my magic tour to Muir Woods and Sausalito arrived at 8.30 and took us to the wharf where we paid for air tikets and boarded a new bus of magik. Welvin (like Melvin but Welvin) was our driver, narrator, guide and poet for our journey, and he was beyond excellent. We drove through San Francisco and then across the Golden Gate bridge with very informative and humourous narration in his interesting voice, which had an odd rhythm to it. He also called me Mr England, which was dope. As we descended the winding, precarious road down to the Muir Woods, he recited poetry to us to calm any nervous people. It went very well with the amazing scenery. Once we arrived in Muir woods, we had an hour to explore the stupendous redwoods, which were mind-blowingly tall. There was a cute little stream that danced between the tree's and the sun splashed through gaps in the distant canopy.

After wandering around looking upwards for about 50 minutes and taking many photos, I grabbed coffee, cookie and tuna sandwich from the little cafe and slid back to the coach. The driver gave us a nice souvenir postcard of the red woods, with a poem by Strauss (the guy who designed the golden gate bridge), that he had written on a sack and given to a park ranger. We then commenced our journey to Sausalito, with more poems and one from Welvin himself. As two people were late getting back to the coach we only had 50 minutes in the town, but as soon as I got off I realised how amazing it was. So I found Welvin, gave him a $5 tip and told him I'd get the ferry back, as were many people.

I wandered over to the nearest shop and struck up conversation with a very friendly shop keeper who told me of an ice house opening at 3pm and various nice places around here. I bought some nice magnets for my mum, which she guessed right and wandered through a little park/fountain area. I went into a shop, that again had a very friendly shopkeep, and bought some souvenirs for some fools I call my friends. The guy had a collection of foreign coins, so I gave him a 20p piece, as it's a cool shape, he seemed quite pleased. I then found out where a camera shop was as I needed ANOTHER new SD card. On the short walk there I passed an ice cream shop and got sucked in by the sight of chocolate chip cookie dough flavour. I got a nice pot of that, and sauntered into the camera shop, where again the woman was very friendly, and after I got a 2gb card and she helped me open it, we chatted a while about Sausalito and my trip.

Afterwards I sashayed along the waterfront, which offered phenomenal views across the bay, towards the bay bridge and city scape. I sat there for a while, taking photos, watching a guy build some rock towers that defied everything newton stood for and just chilled. Then my camera battery ran out. Aha. Fear not dear reader, for I had brought a spare. Excellent work. I carried on my walk, where I saw some amazing houses up the hills. After the shops had ran out, I walked a bit further, grabbed a Dr Pepper from a mini mart and made my way back on the other side of the road.

Sausalito has many art galleries, one which Welvin mentioned was "Art that makes you laugh", which is an excellent gallery by a humourist called Jeff Leedy, who mainly works in pastels. His work was fantastic, and once more I struck up a very lengthy conversation with the lady in there, who was all smiles and excited about everything. We chatted about art, traveling, my trip, the bay area etc. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but my jaw started to ache from smiling, so I said farewell and wandered on. Checked out an interesting t-shirt shop and then crash landed in Starbucks so I could write this.

This village/town is amazing, beautiful and friendly. And for once I didn't need music as everything I need I could see, and smell, and fell.

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