Tuesday, 13 November 2007

13th November, 11:11

As someone who rarely plans anything, I left the hostel with no plan at all. As it was 8am I thought, I'd hit central park and randomly wander until something happened.

Turned out central park was slightly wetter than I anticipated due to the sky leaking on me. It's really nice though, even though I've only really explored the north section. I weaved in and out of it. Grabbed a hot dog from a random street merchant and saw a skateboarder faceplant into a 4x4. The awesome yellow school buses were everywhere as well. At some point I hit the huge central park reservoir with skyline views visible in the distance. Misty as well. I then came across the American Museum of Natural History. So while waiting for that to open I found some pretty areas of central park to explore, and discovered that one of my headphones was mashed. So I slammed on some Norah Jones on random, and coincidentally the song "New York City" came on. Excellent.

I'm currently in the museum eating a Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad. Nice caps tom. And yes, a coffee. Saw some cool African mammals and now going to find an audio tour of the "Rose Center". Space, time and all that jazz.

Plans for the rest of the day? Pah where I'm going, we don't need plans..... though they may help.


David Hulbert said...

Sounds good. Any photos? We like photos. Headphone should be plural and pah should have a capital. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If I read that correctly, you had street vender hotdog for breakfast?! Nice.

You forgot the big elephants!