Tuesday, 13 November 2007

It would appear I've survived, solely thanks to Erika, who without I would no doubt have ended up in Mexico or under a car. After being petrified of US customs and immigration control it turned out far better than I thought, though they now have my fingerprints and my face. And who would want that by choice?

Erika found me surprisingly quick, possibly by spotting the vacant look on my face. She then drove us through some of the streets of NY to the subway, which we took towards Manhatten. Subway was really empty and didn't match the horror stories at all. Though Erika did get me to concede that the Tube was better. We got off near time square so my face would lock into a permanent state of jaw-dropped wonder.

Wow. Sparkley awesome.

It's hard to describe, it's very big and very whoa. We walked around it, and then headed back to the subway to find my hostel. Which was quite easy to find and right next to central park. After just remembering chivalry, Erika went home and I got my room card.

Quite a nice place, I surfed the net quickly, after showering of course, as I must have been horrendous to be on the subway with. Turns out, at least last night, I had 4 bed dorm to myself. It was like 1.40am or something by now and I wasn't even tired. Went to bed anyway, didn't sleep much but meh. It's 7.30am now.

I do believe it's shave time.


Anonymous said...

*pinches nose*
poo-e, you smell Mr Tommeh but I wanna see piccies!!!
(yea I realise you've only been there for like a day but you should've still taken a few snaps!)
*pokes* :)

Anonymous said...

"... solely thanks to Erika, without whom I would no doubt have ended up..."

Sorry, the English teacher part of me wouldn't let that go ><

But yay for Erika! \o/