Thursday, 15 November 2007

15th November, Some time or other

Haha! Take that you crazy Americans, thanks to Erika showing me around last night I'm now totally comfortable in New York. Took the subway to washington square where I strolled to 6th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, and swaggered into an Indian that took my fancy. I grabbed a poppadom, 2 meat samosas, Lamb tikka biryani and a cobra beer. Which was in fact called Krait instead but guy knew what I meant as I was english today. While waiting for food I carried on reading On The Road, which is defo my style of book, just an explosion of worderific thoughts.

fterwards I strolled around, and while walking past a bar/tavern/pub I spied the Arsenal - Reading match on re-run with 20min to spare. So I went in, grabbed me a pint of guiness and saw Arsenal destroy Reading 3-1. I then wandered out, with alcohol warming my insides and glided into some form of cafe/sandwich merchant. Bought a tall black coffee off a woman with a moustache and then managed to an atm to work. Music in here is a bit suspect, "We Are Family" just played. Though my coffee is far too hot, I don't think it's related.

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