Friday, 16 November 2007

16th November, 09:34

After meeting Erika, last night, we chilled around Times Square after grabbing some starbucks hot choc. We browsed Virgin for a while discussing the various varying popularity of music, and seeing as she was the first person I'd met who have heard of Straylight Run I was muchos happy. I got some new headphones for my mobile music generation device. Subways were a bit slow, so didn't get back till late, dude in dorm was asleep and I woke him. Excellent. Not a great night's sleep as I just walked into bed fully clothed basically. And we all know being vertical screws with your sleep pattern.

My big toe absolutely canes today, which can't bode well.
And I thinkI have mountain dew withdrawal. I have a plan for once, hit the ferry around islands, then chill downtown, followed by empire state building. Map reckons 11am boast is least crowded, oh wait, it's not October. Who knew. Dorm dude's, who is from Chile, mobile keep ringing, but he's in the shower or hunting or something.

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Anonymous said...

*sniggers* you had a starbucks...and you finally ventured into a bar...Wooh! *does a jig*
Also still lacking piccies!!
Hope your big toe doesnt hurt as much!