Friday, 16 November 2007

16th November, 16:12

With grace and elegance I utilised the subway to 42nd and wandered to pier 83 where the cruise boats go from. Turns out at this time of year there's only one 3-hour cruise a day, at 12.30. So I booked a ticket on that and grabbed a coffee.

Trip was really good, we saw all of Manhattan, liberty island etc, with a quite humourous tour guide. I took loads of photos thanks to my cunning pre-planned (w00t?) spare camera battery and SD cards. Though I think most of the photos are the same. On board it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, I tried beer, hot dogs and hot chocolate in an attempt to warm up. I think I'm starting to put on some winter hibernation fat.

Took subway to 3X street to go to empire state but just wandered into Macy's first. Confused a techy dude and retired to a table with a lemonade to write this amazing amalgamation of autonomous continuity....

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