Friday, 16 November 2007

16th November, 23:30

I basically spent the whole evening wandering around times square with slack jawed awe. Found they have a quiksilver shop, which was entirely bargainous, but only purchased 1 t-shirt, for about $20, as I promised myself I'd investigate some of the cheap shops mentioned in my Time Out book.

Before heading to Times Square I got some North Face gloves, which seem quite a popular brand over here and allowed me to set off the door alarms. I grabbed a slice of pizza from a random place as well so I could use their loo.
I then wandered around Virgin Megastore and finally got subway back as my feet exploded maiming a number of nearby orphans.

Large dilemma of what to do tomorrow. I kinda wanna see the England Match, no idea where though. I also wanna check out 2nd hand bookshops and do postcards and find clearance stores and eat healthy and cut down caffeine and use internets and buy Time Out Magazine. I need to do all of this with minimal walking to save my feet and knees. Oh the rigours of old age.

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