Friday, 16 November 2007

-Insert Emo Post-

I'm not sure what I expect from this trip. I'm not really sure what I expect from myself or even what to expect from this. I think I don't know what I want, how to get it or if I can. I'm so tired right now that my thoughts are awkward and laborious. New York as a place, and an environment is amazing and spell-binding and the freedom of being a solo traveller is refreshing. However, a lot of experiences to be had in New York are to be had with someone else, or someones else. I also imagine the biting cold across the atlantic to be less harsh with someone to soften it's glare.

I'm enjoying odd pleasure, like reading on the subway with some acid jazz fed straight into my cortex. I think the combination of exhaustion, frustration at my exhaustion, On The road, acid jazz and a conversation with Louis has made me reflective but with emotastic undertones. Utilisation of a top bunk has also allowed me to gain a vantage point over my thoughts as well as be closer to the light.

Then again I could be eating too much junk food.

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