Saturday, 17 November 2007

17th November, 15:16

I see the Gods' game, making this nice chinese restaurant run out of mountain dew. Little does Zeus and his armada of Demi-Gods realise, but diet pepsi does the trick just as well.

So what have I been up to? Everything! But mainly having an awesome sleep, I then slung on my new and sexy quiksilver t-shirt and sauntered out of the house. hark! What did I see but a small farmers' market across the street where I bought a huge multi-grain French loaf device. Which I ate on a ben
ch in central park watching some ultimate frisbee and making Rex jealous with my locational awesomness. Crossing central park I ventured into the Guggenheim Museum which was extremely good. Skipping the free audio tour I opted for a soundtrack of Lemon jelly and Mr SCruff. Although I found some of the cubism ironically samey/unimaginative and picasso over hyped, the rest of the gallery was surprisingly enjoyable. Some good first half of the 20th century photography, specifically war era photo montages as well as some other stuff I've forgotten the name of.

The main spiral ramp which is the core of the building was an exhibition of Richard Prince, who is kind of the DJ Yoda of art. i.e. cut and paste sampling. Some of it was funny as well.

Overall, it was short and sweet. Very good. I wandered out, grabbed cheap hot dog and water outside the Met and wandered haphazardly to the subway where I watched a man get mashed by the subway doors, much to my amusement.

Needless to say I waited till the next one with my Starbucks. Got off at 51st and looked at the outside of St Patrick's. It looks so out of place amongst the modern day buildings that are all reaching to the heavens.

To be honest I knew I got off here for some other reason but I couldn't remember what it was. I wandered around until I walked into the rockafeller centre and so after the laughter died down I scampered inside.

Very odd in here, normal kind of shops, very few people but it's all done up EXTREMELY POSH. It's a bit of a maze to get down - argh spicy chilli - to the shopping part which is probably - *cough, splutter* - why there are so few people down here. I found a magazine place and bought Time Out for myself and Maxim for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I was gonna grab sushi but I found this dope Chinese place that was cheap and called Manchu Wok. 8 dollars for rice, 2 thingys and large diet pepsi. Now I have to decide what rockafeller based activities I should pursue.

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