Saturday, 17 November 2007

17th November, 20:54

Well that was successful. I randomly went into an Irish bar near times square. Found out that Israel beat Russia at the last minute and England "just" need to draw against Croatia. What was far more cunning was that an Irish couple invited me to drink with them, which I gladly did. They were extremely nice. They were from east of Dublin, over here for a week and even gave me a free ticket to a comedy show and bought 2 pints of an American lager for me: Samuel Adams. It's not fantastic, but I foolishly had it when I joined them so they thought I liked it and I didn't want to break their hearts. They liked gigs, and we discussed such festivals as reading and Oxygen. The guy had seen Pantera and proposed to her in strawberry fields 4 days earlier; those two facts aren't fully related. We chatter about America, music and drink.

Very enjoyable.

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