Monday, 19 November 2007

19th November, 16:30

Okay,why are there never any bookshops and especially internet cafes when I need them. That aside, I'm making a surprise recovery from my leg related injuries as my limp was starting too make all my joints click. I decided instead to just walk normally and try to ignore the pain, which seems to be working. Bonus points.

MoMA was very good, some of it was a bit abstract or just trying too hard for my liking. I also sat in front of Monet's water lilies for 10 minutes to try and "get it". Needless to say I did not. Then I found the single piece in the MoMa that was by Edward Hopper. And I was muchos happy, screw the picasso, dechumps and Monets of the world. Afterwards I wandered around bit and played in the Nintendo world shop.

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