Monday, 19 November 2007

19th November, 22:39

After a moderate starbucks confusion, I met Erika and we wandered towards Times Square catching up on the debacle of the weekend. After I drank 50 litres of Dr Pepper in McDonalds we explored the most awesome Toys R Us ever. Ferris wheel AND massive robot dinosaur. Nuff said. We then chatted for ages in Starbucks, while ignoring a particularly racist old woman and confusing a dutch lady. Erika then discovered how little English school kids read and was shocked at my lack of Dickens and Austin reading. Finally we got a random dude to take our photo in Times Square to prove our simultaneous existence to Rachel. Erika's off back to Virgina for thanksgiving, so I'm left to fend for myself from now on. What all you crazy people don't realise is my feet stink and my knowledge of Chicago is less than 7.

Yay for solo travel \o/

I just finished On The Road. Oh my God what a book. It's a flurry of words. A structured ramble, vividly exploding every minor scene and manages to describe such vibrant passion. Erika is right, my lack of book reading is totally shocking, and must be rectified post-hast. Book suggestions are welcome, though current topic is America.

Once I get back to Blighty I'm gonna do the London tourist thing, as there's so much to see that I haven't. I also need to go to Bletchly park.

I think I forgot to have dinner.

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