Tuesday, 20 November 2007

20th November, 18:37

Okay, so this is the most awesome salad ever at Sugo! 45 Street and 5th. It's about the largest ever. Today I have woken up, traversed successfully to the ferry port, where it rained buckets. And I queued for ever and I had no umbrella, hood or general waterproofing device. I became so wet that when I moved I looked like a wave. Eventually we got on the ferry where I used the medium of coffee to return movement to my heart. Then we landed on Liberty Island. She's very big. And very green. Rain had stopped by now, but I was still travelling around in my wave persona. After exhausting the audio tour and photograph points, I got the ferry to ellis island where there is the immigration building and museum. And although it was interesting, some of it was a bit... odd. Some of the racism back then was shocking as well. Nearly as shocking as the old woman in starbucks last night who was the most racist person I've ever seen. Humourously, although she was mainly targeting non-white people, the closest two white people to her was me (English in case you didn't know) and a dutch lady, so we were foreign anyway.

After returning to Manhatten island, I accidently took the subway to Brooklyn. Then managed to return, intact, to Grand Central.

Which was another "whoa" moment. Then I cruised shops till I arrived here. My salad ingredients? Lettuce (mixed), carrot (grated), tomatoes, crazy peas, mushrooms, eggplant, olives (black) feta cheese, balsamic vinegar and some crazy chicken. It's BIG!!

In other news, why did the public have to pay in donation's to restore the statue of liberty when they're selling mini statues for $450?!?!

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