Wednesday, 21 November 2007

21st November

Today I have mostly been forgetting to write this journal. And as it is tomorrow my brain is murky with the details. I began the day waking up with my 3 new spanish chums. A guy and 2 girls. They're nice.

I then cruised to central park and celebrated it's autumnalness. At 11am I hit the Whitney Art Museum which I was extremely excited about. This was mainly due to their large amount of Edward Hopper works. Unfortunately,

1) Most were sketches
2) Most weren't on display
3) The security guards were mean. (I blame rex mainly)
4) Not allowed cameras
5) The rest of the museum was aweful. Full of pretencious snobby excuses for art that ached my soul

Never the less, the 2 or 3 Hopper paintings there were AMAZING. As was stuff by Charles Sheeler, who was a fellow precisionist, though more so. Only a few there by him as well. Ah well, NightHawks is at the Chicago Institue of Art. Wooo!

After that, I was a bit disillusioned, so, via random wandering I came across the central park zoo. Entry only $8, bonus points, and in wifi range! I saw: sea lions, some form of water baboon, RED PANDAS!, penguins, seals, all manner of birds, frogs, snakes, lizards, fish, fauna, various monkeys.

I then evaporated from there and hit rockefeller plaza once more, followed by Times Square. This was mainly because I had to buy clothes for tomorrow. An element t-shirt, gap jeans and sock laters, I was ready and bushwacked.

That evening I spent ages sorting what I could chuck/leave behind. I may need UPS ship and pack in Chicago. Especially for the amount of books I'll need for the 55 hour Chicago to Frisco journey.

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