Thursday, 22 November 2007

22nd November, 13:00

I majorly overslept today as I keep waking up at odd hours. I also hope the spanish people don't realise it is me who manages to stink an entire room out while I sleep. Though to confuse matters the guy told me it was 10.30, when it was acutally 9.30, possible Lost In Translation moment, without the sad romance. Soon got ready and check out, and dumped my main bag in the luggage room. I then watched part of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on the tele in the jazz cafe.

After careful ponderment I decided it was unlikely I could get in a decent spot in the crowd to see anyway. Instead I took the subway to 72nd, and chilled in south central park, which had a strange clam bustle about it. Sitting by "The Mall", there was a saxamaphonist saxamaphoning away. Very nice. I also utilised the free park wifi again, and Shing could hear me for free!

If you want to communicate with me, via sound, for free, make sure to have a pc microphone and Google Talk. Some form of skype phone may also work.

I exited the park via Strawberry Fields, which was very pretty.

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