Friday, 23 November 2007

23nd November, 03:15

If I wasn't so awesomely tired right now I would write something exceptionall poetic about the full moon shing down on the rail yards and highways of North East USA. But I am too tired, so I hope you can just imagine something that's pretty amazing, and similar to what I stumbled to describe.

Things I'm seeing include lots of rusty cars, piles of gravil, SNOW!, large suspicious looking complexes, a selection of patrol cars glistening and covered in snow, distance neon lights, toll gates, a wind mill, some form of big sports stadium for the Cleveland Browns which I think are an American Footie club, woodland, a harbour, more piles of something, and many more things beside.

I finished A Catcher On The Rye, good book if somewhat of a limited vocab, but that was part of the point I think. I really need to try to sleep.

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