Thursday, 22 November 2007

22nd November, 21:20

I'm learning a lot from this trip, including that it's hard to write on a train. You should never judge people, as although 95% of the time you'll be right, the other 5 will surprise you. Though better advice may be to be wary of your judgements and allow for amends.

Doors between carriages here appear to have buttons at the bottom that you can kick if your hands are full, or have been lost in an unfortunate previous door related incident. Very cunning. The snack bar is pretty cheap, I got a pot of hargan Daz (spelling?) for $2 and then got a huge turkey and cheese sub, bottle of water and a mountain dew for $9.25. And because I put 75 cents in her tip thing she gave me a free small can of "mist", or something of equal chemical content.

Was just wondering what smokers do on massive journeys like this, apparently some stops there are opportunities to smoke. Those crazy addicts. Talking of long journeys, I'm destroying my latest book, The Catcher on the Rye. Much good. I can't remember if I gave you my conclusions of Breakfast at Tiffeny's. But it is this: "meh".

Sort and meh.

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