Saturday, 24 November 2007

24th November, 20:35

Well today was full of disappointment, but I still enjoyed it, so take that Santa! After bursting through the doors of the Art Institute of Chicago, I cleaned up the strewn glass and ran around like a crazy mad man on my Hopper Hunt (TM). After 30 minutes I asked someone where it was and it turns out it's not on display at the moment... but don't worry it's back mid feb...

DAMMIT, I was extremely distraught and exceptionally upset. Then I realised I was getting far too dramatic over a single painting, even if it is the best in the world, so I spent the next 3 or so hours enjoying the museum. Not after first getting steak, 2 cookies and a smoothie too cheer me up. There are some very good paint and Asian pieces in there, and also some extraordinary bad contemporary art which looked exactly the same as some other stuff I've seen in the past art galleries that I frequented.

After that, I walked around Millennium park in the sunshine and went into dunkin' doughnuts for a bagel. Where I had a chat with a guy about black-on-black racism, and how he'd been shot and beaten into a coma. It would appear he didn't fully recover, but it was still a nice chat even if he did tell me he was a black muslim called Kahlid about 30 times as I think he kept forgetting he'd told me.

After rollin' to the hostel I utilised my sensual n810 to check for stuff for tonight on Timeout and also talk to Stu. Turns out The Academy Is.. was playing tonight!??!!!!!


Then I found out it was sold out. Blast. Nothing else took my fancy so I decided to just walk down state street and the magnificent mile. Grabbed a salad in Macy's and took some pretty night time photos. I walked into bloomingdales and my wallet promptly died from shock. $165 for a random shirt, $20 for a hot chocolate! I formed a plan to use my poshest English accent and claim to be a duke of Antioch (yes I know it's in Turkey) if my raggedy presence was questioned. After that, I did my normal borders patrol. Haw, haw, get it? I don't. I decided I might get into Manga, but the choice was immense and I knew nothing. So I ran. I need to actually type some of this up as I am days and days behind.

To the hostel ->

Oh I may try and get tickets for theatre or something of equal night excitement. I still can't upload photos, *shrugs* maybe I'll do it when I get back to Orp.

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