Sunday, 25 November 2007

25th November, 15:25

Well after a large blogging stint I hit the sack and woke up a bit late (9am). It only feels late because most people leave at like 7.30. Shwoered, checked email and then hit the streets where I walked to the Sears Tower with a purpose. No one around, and no queues so I went straight up to top. Lift goes 18mph, which I'm told is fast for lifts. Audio tour was pretty good and the view was nice, though doesn't quite compare to New York. They had an interesting display around the observation deck about Chicago and it's achievements. There's also a cool toblarone shaped prison you can see.

After grabbing some Maccy D's, as you do in America, I began to walk to Michigan Avenue, and through a nearly deserted Millenium Park, which was a bit spooky. After some suspicious road crossing, I made it to the lake shore and harbour. This also lacked any form of life and boast. After a nice walk along, followed by a very dangerous and back-alley style ascent across the river, I made it to the Navy Pier. I took some photos of my confusion along the way to help the narrative.

Navy pier has a shopping/restuarant type plaza followed by a long building holding various things such as a festival hall and ballroom. There is also a free stained glass window museum there, which is the only one in America/World apparently. Probably with good reason. There was also an interesting display on drugs, people who had died from them and policing methods/equipment. At the end of the pier I helped some crazy people take a photo, as we were as lcose as you could get to the light house out in the harbour. There's also a very big anchor.

After that I went up to the roof where there is a ferris wheel & spinning ride, but as i was winter there were very few people around. Next to the little theme park is the crystal gadens, which is a huge green house with big palm trees and awesome "jumping" fountains. After that I started writing this and get dodgy chinese all over my book again...

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