Sunday, 25 November 2007

Thoughts for your soul

I am exceptionally tired. I may just lace this page with some random thoughts and words. It's also cold. At least outside. Eels are a fantastic band. I forgot to mention something I heard in the contemporary art section of the Art Institute of Chicago, said by a little girl:

"Daddy, I can do that"

so very true and it cracked me up. While I was walking around the streets yesterday a guy zipped by on a black segway. Turns out it was an on-duty police officer! Crazy. I've began to ponder how easy it is to buy things here with a credit card. Today I got a drink from a vending machine simply by swiping my card, same with the Internets. When they do sometimes ask you to sign, they've already given it back to you (the card) so they can't compare anyway.

I might get an early night tonight. Really need to catch up on sleep before the epic train journey to Frisco.

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