Sunday, 11 November 2007

A Note on Style

For people not accustomed to my writing style, I'd like to introduce the strange world of how I type. Possibly in bullet point form:
  • Although sometimes it may appear I am depressed, or forlorn, or similar, I am in fact just overally emotive as I like that style of writing.
  • I tend to drift off onto tangents, ramblings and attempt to write about something in a manner that's not typical. I also sound pretentious.
  • I often make up words that sound vaguely correct, or extend certain roots to words that are nonsense but often seem to make sense. I can't think of any now.
  • I sometimes write in the third person. This is mainly to amuse myself, and not some deeply rooted attempt at having a superiority complex.
  • This blog is written to be child, adult, and relative friendly. I hope.
  • I normally write this sort of thing in a coffee shop, after too much caffeine, so its level of sensology could possibly be askew.
  • Black. No Sugar. No Milk.
Finally I shall leave you with how Rachel describes my writing style:

"humoristique, quelquefois assez 'geeky'...I don't know, just natural, funny, slightly eccentric...humour and sarcasm and info and emotastic doodles"


Anonymous said...

*le gasp* You forgot to specify the exact depth of blackness required!

But yay for third person, manipulation of roots, caffeine highs and, of course, emotastic doodles! \o/

Unknown said...

You forgot the bolding of random words, or is that being left from this blogo extravaganza?

David Hulbert said...

I concur. Bolding is required. I only read bold words.

Tommeh said...

See, I was pondering the addition of such a stylising. But it gets REALLY annoying when u have to bold up posts, and if I'm on the run from the cops or something it could be highly troublesome for all involved.