Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunday 11th November

Well hello there.

I decided it would be far more interesting for all readers if I actually explained what I was doing in America, where I'm going and the such like. So, for one night only, the itinerary of my ameriland adventure *drum roll*:

12th November
Fly across the roaring waves of the Atlantic to New York

12th-22nd November
Stay in the Jazz on the Park Hostel, where I shall experience the wonders that exist in Manhatten and the surrounding tourist extravaganza

22nd-23rd November
On Thanksgiving night (which I didn't realise) I'm travelling by good old fashioned train to Chicago, over night. For only 4o quid!

23rd-29th November
Staying at the Hosteling International - Chicago. Where I shall visit whatever happens to be in Chicago. You may notice a pattern of my general ignorance.

29th November - 1st December
Once more, luckily not on any form of public celebration, I shall traverse the entire country of the United States via train to the city of San Francisco. Which I hear has culture, and other such exciting revelations.

10th December
I return home, a more jaded, worldly and better hairstyled Tom. On a plane. With wings. And other such technological advancements.

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