Monday, 10 December 2007

10th December, 17:13

Today, I've been mostly wandering the city slightly aimlessly, enjoying the city in the beautiful sun and taking photos of various buildings. After buying two t-shirts in Macy's, I played in the Metreon shopping centre for a bit, getting a chicken pesto burrito and playing an arcade machine for a bit. It involved being ninjas but with guns, shooting other ninjas, without guns. The whole machine was on sale for $1950 though, which was quite cool. I walked further down market street until I hit the very pretty ferry building, along the bay, which is lined with many palm trees. I walked towards the bay bridge, past a cool spider sculpture, like outside the Tate, and a huge! bow and arrow sculpture. Very impressive.

I walked towards the city to see the big pyramid shaped building, which was again impressive. I then walked onward, past the church of Scientology and up some pretty streets towards the colt tower. It's an old tower built by a woman (called Colt), on a hill looking out over all of San Francisco. The views from the top were amazing, and it was really quiet and only $4.50! After that, I descended down some little crazy stairs to some streets, past lots of amazing house built directly alongside these weird non-road streets. As I came down I randomly saw a trickle of water and discovered the amazing Levi plaza. In the middle is a really fun water feature and the Levi HQ surrounds it. Inside there was loads of interesting Levi related paraphernalia, including jeans from over 100 years ago. I carried on towards the waterfront, past a crazy early sculpture and on to pier 39. I wandered around this for a while as the sun was setting, enjoying and reflecting on San Francisco. Now in a Bondin Bakery cafe, with a cookie, and a coffee, near some french woman taking 15 minutes to eat a boiled egg by apparently sucking it. Very odd.

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