Monday, 10 December 2007

10th December, 23:30

After departing the wharf, I headed on the long, near vertical, trek home for the last time. It was dark now and I just trudged slowly along, enjoying my surroundings and the music of Brand New. Once I got in, I packed my bad for the sad journey tomorrow and went to the lobby to finish my postcards. As a nice coincidence, Dan was working some crazy night shift at his work, alone, so we chatted via the internet tubes. At around 8.30 I trundled to the Indonesian restaurant across the street, where I got stir friend egg noodles with chicken, prawns and veg, a tiger beer and a scoop of mango ice cream all for about £6.35. EXTREMELY nice. I enjoyed it immensely. After returning to the hostel, I did some cool, yet geeky, python/linux hacking on my n810 and disturbed Dan some more. I fell asleep before the random guy returned.

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