Tuesday, 11 December 2007

11th December, 11:14

Argh! Last Day! Panic! or not. I got ready and trundled down to the lobby to check out and store my bag. Where I chilled for a bit before hitting Macy's post office and grabbing a coffee, croissant and a peanut butter cookie. Yum. Not sure what to do with myself before the airport shuttle comes for me at 2.30. I really fancy some Indonesian noodles again, yummy.

I'm not sure why I've fallen for San Francisco so much, maybe because I'm more relaxed with travel now, or because the weather is great, or the people, or how beautiful it is, or maybe because some of it reminds me of England. Maybe all of it. No idea. I do like coffee though. And my hair is exceptionally long. Like old times. I also have a cool hoodie indie top. Though still have holes in my shoes and some form of foot injury, but it was all worth it. Even writing 22 unique postcards and especially the long train journeys. I've rediscovered literature, fallen for Jack Kerouac and only put on clean jeans 3 times, including when I started in London. My bag is extremely swollen and I have grand plans for scrap books, photo organising and all manner of proactive ideas that will probable dissolve in my unrelenting laziness. I've learned lots about art and seen such an eclectic selection throughout all the cities.

I've also been listening to the voices in my head.....

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