Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st December, 18:08

And another dose of Kerouac, and I feel like writing again. I'm tired, my brain feels compressed and my journey is far from over, but I'm not worried. It's dark now, though it appeasr we're following some form of waterway according to my GPS. Many mesmorising lights are silently whipping by and my eyelids are starting to feel heavy. I hope it's all good.

And as I sat watching myself digitally, without any exact plan when this journey ends, I thought:

Holy Moly, I've gone across america on my own.

Somehow, so far, I've not quite comprehended it, but in the midst of blissfull uncertainty I realise it's all pretty cunning. Interestingly we just went through Richmond. Kudos to American originality. It's also a bit odd that we're going the fastest we've been all day through a built up area: 85mph.

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