Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st December, 22:00

Once more I have randomly blundered through a variety of obstacles with surprising ease. First of all once we got there, I explained my predicament to a nice ticketing man, with the use of some puppy dog eyes, which I keep in my bag. He then wrote randomly on a piece of paper that I could go through to San Fran, and the bus driver seemed happy to accept it. Woo! Then the driver managed to do the prepared route backwards, but I realised and still got off at the right place. I then staggered haphazardly towards my hostel, which I found far to easily. I checked in after an initial scare that I had lost my passport and a girl showed me around the hostel.

I'm on a 4 bed dorm with a Scottish guy called Mike who has lvied in Oz, America and England. He's currently going for football try outs at a San Fran based team who are gonna play in Major League Soccer, which is damn awesome.

I grabbed some bread, cheese and water and wandered through a few streets, but I was insanely tired so I went back and am now gonna crash out.


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